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Use your core, improve your backbends!

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Use your core, improve your backbends!

To be able to safely bend backwards, it is necessary to stabilize and 'wake up' the tiny muscles around the spinal cord, so that when the backbend comes, it is supported by those muscles. In this class there's a lot of core work (abdomen, lower back, upper back and shoulders) to support the different backbends. It is also a more flowy Iyengar class than you might be used to. Enjoy!

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Teacher: Adela Serrano

Adela Serrano

Teacher: Adela Serrano
Level: Level 2, Level 3
Style: Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar
Specific use: Alignment, Backbends, Back health, Energising
Duration: 60 min

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